Growing popularity of Short Message Service (SMS) gives birth to Web2SMS that paves for much easier way for companies reaching their subscribers. As the name suggests, Web2SMS makes use of website and internet.
Web2SMS broadcasts short messages at the same time.

You can send various contents through the channel in cooperation with telecommunication providers. At first, you will need to create a single account. From there, you can start sending alerts, notifications, reminders, polls and general information to the subscribers. Please notice to create a regular schedule that won’t irritate the subscribers. Use concise and attractive language for delivering the content.

You can create or upload contact lists with custom fields to Web2SMS manually. Bear in your mind to integrate Application Programming Interface or API to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and determine requirements before carrying out automated campaigns. Typically, you will need to set certain criteria for the campaign. For example, you will need to decide type of the campaign (post or prepayment), overdue payment, inactive period and others.

Under the single account, you can create sub accounts that allow you managing your Application to SMS (A2P) SMS reseller partners. You can have administrative access on the content of their accounts. Utilize a “tick box” interface feature to set rules, pricing, routing and restrictions for this.

Upon message delivery through this channel, you need to evaluate how much the communication method benefits you the most. As such, analyse traffic of the channel at deep level. Monitor the server performance at real-time and report the result according to your business need.

Given the broad description, you can learn the method cuts lengthy processes that once deploy human beings to connect your companies and customers. The method is economical and efficient. With internet connection, your subscribers can get in touch with your brands or services wherever they are. Given the nature of SMS, they can directly open SMS right away as today’s customers have smartphones at their hands day and night.