SMS advertising or SMS marketing campaign finds ways to thrive in today’s marketing world amidst abundant free chat apps and social media platforms. Short Message Service for promotion serves as a role model for marketing communication on how to keep up with technological advances.

SMS advertising combines marketing knowledge and technological progress as a top tool for engaging would-be and existing customers. From the marketing side, SMS promotion captures the ultimate and primary goal of all. It wishes to net as many potential buyers and keep loyal ones closer than ever.

Unlike promotional content in social media, the SMS marketing campaign works more precisely. This is where technological advances come into play. Typically, SMS providers collaborate with telecommunication operators to provide contact numbers of the potential recipients.

Furthermore, some SMS providers, including our company, PT Triple One Global, offer SMS profiling. This platform narrows SMS promotion to more specific targets depending client’s business.

For example, SMS promotion will be sent to teenagers for clients who create products or services for particular age groups. This what makes SMS advertising worth the money.

For sure, social media platforms opens for affordable marketing campaigns. As the rapidly-growing platform, social media is the home for people regardless of their ages and residences. But this creates “an overly wide pool” for whichever business sector you are working on at the moment.

Even hashtag may not greatly help your enterprise. You’ll need to spend costly marketing expenses for hiring influencers or launching giveaway programs. Introducing your brands via free online chat applications don’t consume much money. But as the old saying goes, something that’s free of charge may go into waste.

Why SMS promotion is more lucrative 

With a lot of promotional messages coming in one’s smartphone, they may likely to simply scroll it down or up. Chances are they won’t be interested in seriously thinking of the purchase as their smartphone gets other promotions.

SMS advertising is a win-win solution. It easily lands at one’s cellular phone with a high open-rate. It requires no internet connection, unlike social media and chat applications.

Interestingly enough, today’s people still open an SMS despite the overflowing information they receive via smartphone. With the ever-evolving SMS promotion update, the old-fashioned way remains attractive and lucrative in years to come.

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