The topic of A2P vs P2P SMS is always worthy of discussion before you determine which of the two will work best. Each of them carries a distinctive work method although the two stem from Short Message Service (SMS) broad function.

A2P is the abbreviation of Application to Person whilst P2P stands for Person to Person. Both of them accommodate business text delivery. As the name suggests, you can roughly understand what each of them works out.

P2P Messaging Connects Human Beings

P2P messaging enables back-and-forth conversations between two human beings. For example, two friends exchange texts via their mobile phones. In this platform, the message is delivered slowly, roughly one message per second. Usually, the platform uses local, ten-digital phone numbers.

Given the fact, P2P messaging applies best for delivering personal matters, such as conversations. Your company will spend unnecessary operating expenses if it selects this method for reaching out to customers.

A2P Messaging Supports Customer Relationship Management

A2P messaging suits best for sending a large number of business texts at once. The platform means delivering business texts from applications, usually websites, to subscribers. As an end-user, you may probably receive texts from contact centers or central applications. You can also send texts to a bulk of recipient numbers at the same time regardless of their current locations.

Many enterprises turn to A2P messaging for kicking off more personalized and deeper customer relationship management. They can send business texts on alerts, PIN numbers, discounts, and many more. In addition, they can deliver one-time passwords (OTPs) for verification.

Usually, A2P messages utilize shortcodes and toll-free numbers for sending the high-volume traffic. This method benefits companies because it is a cost-effective and powerful communication tool.

After understanding A2P vs P2P SMS as stated above, we hope you arrive at the conclusion of which of the two will meet your business needs best. Of course, you need to conceptualize your marketing necessity, the number of potential subscribers, and operating expenses. From the A2P vs P2P SMS as explained above, we can roughly conclude that the A2P messaging works better for business-related matters.

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